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The History of Web Hosting Industry

Akamai network operator-map-connections
Akamai network operator-map-connections


The History of Web Hosting Industry

Web Hosting Industry started not too long ago, but it rolled developing tremendously over the past 27 years since it started and it goes hand to hand with the Internet, they can not be separated, there will be no Internet without Web Hosting industry and there will be no Web Hosting industry without the Internet. Billions of existing websites need web hosting to be visible on the Internet and the Internet which is a planetary network is sustained by all the active worldwide data-centres vital to the global connectivity.

web hosting industry
Web hosting industry

What got actually started the web hosting industry, was the Internet introduction and National Science Foundation’s decision in 1991 to lift commercial restrictions on the web and allow traffic from commercial networks to use its NSFNET internet backbone network. Subject to compliance with NSFNET’s acceptable use policy, for-profit companies had access to the network, which was previously only used for education and research.

The benefits of the Web Hosting and Internet Industry

The Internet has a huge impact over most businesses, the information and the communications industry and practically everything else that is in your daily life. The Internet is sustained on the networks provided by the web hosting companies, without all the interconnected data-centres around the world the Internet would not exist. We all know that today we can quickly find on Internet an answer for every question that we might have.
The internet through the web hosting companies is providing everyone with an enormous quantity of free information, regardless of the part of the world they search it from. We believe that most people of our planet would admit today that the Internet is the greatest technological creation as yet invented.

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