Our Graphic Design, Web Design & Development and Mobile APP Software AGENCY, can create for you the website you are dreaming of

If you’re either an individual or a company that need to get your business online by having created a professional website, or a better website (re-design) you current one, the answer is yes, we can do it.
No matter what kind of website you want or what type of business you’re running, all you need to, is to find a sample website (on the Internet) and send it to us by using the form below.
We will analyse the sample you have sent, draw the project and get back to you with the price quotation in just three (3) days. We can meet face to face and discuss in much detail about your future website, what and how you will want your website to look, to work, and everything else related to the project.
Please make sure you are filling in the form below all the fields, to ensure that you will receive the best Free Quotation:

We will build your website for you starting from £165 (No VAT), which includes 6 months worth of hosting at £4.50(No VAT)vat per month.

1. With your first consultation, we will advise you on your choice of domain name, as well on what type of website template you should pick for your future website. You can ask any questions, have your queries, and at the end of the consultation we will make you the final price offer for your website, which it can be the initial starting price of £165 (No VAT), or higher if it becomes very complex and will needs lots of modules, web applications, resources, etc.

2. When you are ready to go ahead with your website, you will register your domain name online on our website, (we can help you with that if you wish so), and after your domain’s registration, you will have full ownership of it being on your name (or company’s name). Your Domain Name will have to be renewed annually basis at a cost of approximately £14.00/Year, depending on the extension (.com, | co.uk | .net | .info | etc.). As we are the official re-seller of one of the biggest world’s Domain’s Registrars, our prices are the lowest on the market for any Domain Name extension, and we got them all too.

3. The next step will be for you to make a 50% (No VAT) upfront deposit payment of  the total agreed cost established at the end of the final consultation. The rest of the 50% payment for cost of the website build will be made at the time of the website’s delivery to you.

4. In order to better populate your website with texts, photos and videos, you will have to supply all these, and we will improve them all, also we can modify / customize the photos you have provided, using Adobe Photoshop.

5. We provide you also with 3 reviews that you can have over your finished and delivered website, and we will be happy to modify items on your website during these 3 reviews, until you are happy with your website.

7. After your website has been delivered (including the 3 reviews), we can still make amendments to your website of any kind, at the £22 (no £22 VAT) per hour rate.



We are building your Mobile app at an affordable cost!
Mobile Apps such as:
Real estate App
Taxi App
Booking App
Food Delivery App
Restaurant App
Health Industry App
E-learning App
E-commerce App & more…


We also offer additional Website and IT Services, which you might find useful, just ask us.


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